Food and Drinks of the Bhutan:By Renok Adventures

Rice and buckwheat are the staple food in Bhutan, and apples, asparagus and mushrooms are commonly eaten due to the large number of apple orchards and about 400 varieties of mushrooms growing in the country. Bhutanese food is spicy, with a lot of chilli added to it.

Specialities in Bhutanese cuisine include-

  • Datse (cow's milk cheese), sometimes served with red chillies (ema datshi).
  • Tshoem (curry), usually served with rice.
  • Eue chum (pink rice), a nutty-flavoured variety unique to Bhutan.
  • Paa: slicked pork and beef served with red rice
  • Zow Shungo: an easy dish of rice with whatever vegetables are available.
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The matsutake mushroom is a special treat for people, especially in the mountains. Beer and rice wine are the most popular beverages.

  • If you are a shopping nerd and want to shop for yourself and your friends and family back in your hometown then the place called Gagyel Lhundrup Weaving Centre is a perfect place to shop. Here you get hand woven textiles for sale. This place has is one of the few places where you can actually see the work being done.A finely embroidered kira can take a year to make and cost over BTN/INR 1000; cheaper ones start at BTN/INR 50.
  • Dappas, specialities of the Trashi Yangtse region are handmade wooden bowls.
  • The two halves of these bowls fit closely together and can be used to cook food or as bowls.
  • Handicrafts like carpets,jewellery, silver, colorful masks, bronzes, hand-woven bamboo items and Bhutanese wooden products can be bought as souvenirs.
  • Dzi beads are oblong shaped beads which are unique to Himalayan regions. They are available in brown and cream colors and jewellery made from these beads is very expensive.
  • Bumthang honey, jams and comfitures are bought and gifted.
  • Traditional attire like the kira and gho can be bought at local stores.
  • Buddhist artwork and religious paintings can be bought in Thimphu. Brass statues and Buddhist ritual items like cymbals, bells, trumpets and dorjees can also be bought.
  • Yatras are specialities of the Jakar area, and are naturally dyed woollen cloth, which are used to make jackets, blankets, bags, rugs, etc.
  • Bangchung baskets are typical Bhutanese items, and are round baskets made from bamboo.
  • Wooden masks used in the Tshechus (festivals ) can also be bought.
  • If you want to take back some memory from this place then there are many arts and crafts shop where you can shop and take a memory back.Some of such places are: Lungta Handicraft which sell bamboo boxes, carpets, metal ewers, and even horse saddles and monastic trumpets other such places are Yarkay Central Building,Philatelic Bureau,Art Shop Gallery,Handicrafts Emporium and many others.
The herders of the northeastern and northwestern frontiers of the Himalayas come together to celebrate their culture and tradition. One can dine on traditional recipes, dress like a Bhutanese highlander, try yak riding and witness the grand pageantry of the Chipdrel, which is a procession usually reserved for royalty. The Nomad festival is held in Bumthang Dzongkhag in central Bhutan.

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